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From time to time we are offered special discounts from our various suppliers on promotional items or large quantity purchases.  We will often use this as an opportunity to offer our clients a better deal as well.

How to find the right plumber in Sydney

The top plumbers in Sydney must possess many qualities, including punctuality, cleanliness, accuracy, attention to detail, quality control, correct use of parts and materials, pride in workmanship, good communication skills as well as value for money.

Just about everyone has heard of the disaster stories of work being carried out around our homes, but when you choose the right plumber in Sydney and the end result is better then you expected you realise your effort in seeking out the right plumber for the job has all been worth while.  “There are no problems – only solutions,” says Michael Gordon, owner of Sydney’s Dr Plumber.

The best plumber will always go that extra mile; they will tidy up and leave the work area as if they were working at their own home.  They know how to communicate effectively and strive to work with the client on delivering the best plumbing job possible.

Before hiring a plumber in Sydney or any tradesman for that matter it is vital that you check for trade qualifications and insurances. “All the pros I know carry their contractors licence in their wallets and have all their insurance papers with them to show customers”, adds Michael. According to Fair Trading NSW, a plumber’s licence number must be quoted in any advertisement.  All business documentation and stationary must also bear the plumber’s licence number. 

“The best plumbers I know are generous with their time and not running around like chickens with their head cut off.  The plumbers I like to work with always know how to pass on the right advice”, says Michael.  “Their tools, vans and clothes all look neat and whenever possible noise and mess is kept to a minimum.   Their tax invoices are clearly written or typed and sent by email. The home is protected with drop sheets and the plumbers wear surgical booties over their work boots to protect the floor.  When the job is done a vacuum cleaner is brought in to clean up the area.  From a customers perspective it’s vital that the terms of payment have been explained before any work is undertaken.”   

According to Michael, “the biggest part of Dr Plumber’s success has been based on good communication with the client.  From the time they call us, to the time the plumbing job is done and we leave the house.  It’s great when the client knows what to expect and we are able deliver on that and add in a little more.  If we are able to deliver on that every time we know our clients are getting good value and will call again”.   

Dr Plumber is plumbing company based in Sydney, Australia.  They can be contacted on 1300 909 424  www.drplumber.com.au    Licence 237689C       

This article is an excerpt from Service Satisfaction Review.